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The historical origin of Applied Art goes back to the childhood of mankind. As mankind grows older, applied art has grown. Since there is a struggle to live, in the process of going to live well, cocktail from Gray cocktails began to separate Chika. Hunting rules, house-wind items. First of all, stone carving, bone carving, and later wood carving found the development of TR with both slowly. In this paper, the views and feedback on the formation of the professional culture of future technology education teachers through national values will be made.


National Values Technology Education Culture

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Razzokov Bakhtiyor Khabibullaevich, & Yokubjonova Mukaddaskhon Khusanboy kizi. (2022). Formation of Professional Culture of Future Technology Education Teachers Through National Values (On the Example of the Direction of the Art of Woodworking). Periodica Journal of Modern Philosophy, Social Sciences and Humanities, 6, 26–30. Retrieved from