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All the manuscripts received for publication passes through extensive double blind peer review process.</p> <p><strong>Frequency of Publication:</strong> Bi-Monthly</p> <p><strong>Languages:</strong> English, Polish and Russian</p> <p><strong>Publication Format:</strong> Electronic</p> <p><strong>ISSN (E): </strong>2720-4030</p> <p><strong>Acceptance Notification:</strong> 45 Days</p> <p><strong>SJIF Impact Factor 2022:</strong> 5.911</p> Periodica Journal en-US Periodica Journal of Modern Philosophy, Social Sciences and Humanities 2720-4030 Prevention and treatment of disorders in the reproductive activity of animals as a result of the use of pyrethroids in animal husbandry <p>The article provides methods of therapy and prevention of reproductive dysfunctions in animals due to the irrational use of modern insectoacaricides.</p> Salimova Iroda Yunusovna Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 1 5 Обогащение Словарного Запаса Младших Школьников <p>Развитие речи — актуальная задача обучения в начальной школе. Речь выполняет функции общения, эмоционального самовыражения человека и воздействия на других людей. В статье рассмотрены методы обогащения словарного запаса, а также предоставлены результаты эффективности данных методик. Development is an urgent task of primary school education. Speech performs the functions of communication, emotional selfexpression of a person and influence on other people. The article discusses the methods of vocabulary enrichment, as well as the results of the effectiveness of these methods.</p> М.Ф.Давлетмухаметова Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 6 9 Improving the sequence of the technological process of production of Vellur products <p>This article is about making changes to the sequence of the Vellur production process and the role of the quality controller. This article describes how to use the quality controller "CIELAB" color detection tester attached to lines 3 and 5.</p> Hamdamov Bahrom Raimjonovich Fattayev Muhammadjon Avazbek o’g’li Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 10 12 Methods of Teaching Technical Mechanics in the Field of Technological Education <p>In this article, wood carving has been developed in Central Asia since ancient times and has been widely used in the manufacture of household utensils. This carving has been used to decorate doors, gates, columns, various beams, tables, chairs, tables, boxes, frames, pencils and other items of ancient architecture. The works created by the people practically amaze people with their subtlety, complexity and naturalness. Opinions and comments on the methodology of teaching the subject of technical mechanics in the field of technological education.</p> Solieva Gulkhayo Khoshimjon kizi Аbdukarimova Nazokat Аbdukholik kizi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 13 16 The Importance of Interdisciplinary Relations in the Development of Professional Competence of Technology Teacher <p>In this article, any science occurs under the influence of other sciences close to it and develops together with them. The importance of the use of interdisciplinary links in the teaching of science in schools, colleges and universities was highlighted.</p> Abdurasulova Ominahon Jakbarali qizi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 17 20 Optimizing Logistics by Using Machine Learning Algorithms <p>Machine learning algorithms and the models they’re based on excel at finding anomalies, patterns and predictive insights in large data sets. Many supply chain challenges are time, cost and resource constraint-based, making machine learning an ideal technology to solve them. Machine learning and AI-based techniques are the foundation of a broad spectrum of next-generation logistics and supply chain technologies now under development</p> Rakhmonova Maftuna Nabijan qizi Saida Safibullaevna Beknazarova Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 21 23 Õqituvchining kreativlik qobilliyati <p>Mazkur maqolada o’qituvchining kreativlik qobiliyati haqida so’z borarkan bugungi kun o’qituvchilari zamon bilan hamnafas bo’lishi kerakligi,o’quvchilar nima bilan yashayotganini tushinishi hamda ularga mos holda bo’lishi darkor. Hozirgi zamon standartlarini amalga tadbiq etish o’qituvchidan nafaqat yuqori malakani va doimiy kasbiy rivojlanishni, balki o’z ishiga ijodiy yondashishni talab etadi. When talking about a teacher’s creative ability in this article, today’s teachers need to keep up with the times, understand what students are living with, and be relevant to them. Implementing modern standards requires a teacher not only high skills and continuous professional development, but also a creative approach to their work</p> Niyazmetova Nargiza Bazarova Shirin Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 24 25 Formation of Professional Culture of Future Technology Education Teachers Through National Values (On the Example of the Direction of the Art of Woodworking) <p>The historical origin of Applied Art goes back to the childhood of mankind. As mankind grows older, applied art has grown. Since there is a struggle to live, in the process of going to live well, cocktail from Gray cocktails began to separate Chika. Hunting rules, house-wind items. First of all, stone carving, bone carving, and later wood carving found the development of TR with both slowly. In this paper, the views and feedback on the formation of the professional culture of future technology education teachers through national values will be made.</p> Razzokov Bakhtiyor Khabibullaevich Yokubjonova Mukaddaskhon Khusanboy kizi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 26 30 Bronchial Asthma in Children and Covid-19: Features of the Course of Comorbidity <p>Bronchial asthma (BA) is one of the most common chronic lung diseases in children. At the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, BA, like other lung diseases, was considered a risk factor for the severe course of COVID-19.</p> Gulnoza Tashmatova Aloyevna Barno Khalmatova Turdikhadjayevna Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 31 34 Methods and Principles of Flight Training <p>This article discusses in detail the process of preparing future pilots for practical flight training using advanced training technologies with the help of instructor pilots.</p> U.X. Baxramov Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 35 39 Ҳудудларда йирик солиқ тўловчиларни инвестицион тизимни ривожлантиришнинг меъёрий-ҳуқуқий асослари ва чора тадбирлари <p>Солиқ юкини камайтириш ва инвесторлар учун солиққа тортиш тизимини соддалаштириш; Ҳудудларда инвестиция муҳитини янада яхшилаш, тўғридан-тўғри инвестицияларни жалб этишни рағбатлантириш</p> Тоҳиров Шуҳрат Ниёз ўғли Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-10 2022-05-10 6 40 46 A Linguistic Study of Discursive Indications in the Ayah of Notification <p>The present study tackles ayah of notification in the Glorious Quran, which states; “O messenger, deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord, And if you do it not, then you have not delivered his message, and Allah will protect you from the people. Surely Allah will not guide the unbelieving people” (Surat AlMa’eda: 67). The present study focusses on the discursive significance in this ayah as it has a unique stylistic systems, which have a great influence on the discursive significance it includes. The aim is to show the importance of the expressive intentions therein. The study discusses four methods of notification employed in this ayah, including notification through advocating, command, condition, and predicate. These styles were all employed in this ayah to confirm a great matter that the ayah was revealed in order to convey to people. The study aims at exploring the sequence of these styles and its influence on its expressive indications.</p> Hassan Obaied Al-Ma'mori Ameen Obaied Chichan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 6 47 52 A Proposed Audit Program to Integrate Modern and Traditional Auditing Methods <p>The study proposes an integrated audit program that balances the role of classic and new auditing methodologies. Within the legal framework controlling the audit profession and based on relevant norms and procedures, this program aims to enhance the audit process, decrease and identify mistakes and fraud in financial statements, and reduce audit risks. The benefits of these two types of methodologies may be used as a guide for the auditor when creating an audit strategy and program to meet the audit objectives.</p> Dr. Faez Abdulhasan Jasim Allami Lect. Dr. Ali Khazaal Jabbar Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 6 53 60 Dorothy Richardson’s Poetic Works <p>This article is dedicated to the poetic works of Dorothy Richardson. The concept of woman, displayed in the poetess's work, is part of the picture of her imaginary world. It should be noted that it is broader than the primary concept, because it includes D. Richardson's personal experience. At the same time, it provides what was mentioned earlier: the concept of the poetess reflects the position of the author, but the national concept has not completely disappeared, both concepts overlap with each other.</p> Alijonova Okila Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 61 63 Struggle of the peoples of Central Asia against the Achaemenids Tomaris, Shirak <p>In this article, the peoples of Central Asia fought hard to be enslaved by foreign invaders. But the Saks and other peoples conquered by the enemy fought heroically against the Persian invaders. This is evidenced by the narration of Shirak.</p> Ubaydullayev Saidakbar Saydaliyevich Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 64 67 The Concept and Essence of Social Policy <p>Мақола ижтимоий сиёсат феноменига бағишланган бўлиб, ижтимоий сиёсатнинг субъекти, объекти, даражалари ва қуйи даражалари каби таркибий қисмларининг ўзига хос хусусиятларини, шунингдек, ушбу ҳодисанинг иқтисодий, сиёсий ва маънавий соҳаларнинг ҳолати билан боғлиқлигини очиб беради. Муаллифнинг ижтимоий сиёсатнинг моҳияти ва йўналиши ҳақидаги қарашлари очиб берилган</p> Bakhodirov Bakhrom Bakhodir ogli Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 68 71 The Definition of “Female Style” in Literature <p>This article is dedicated to that in the Middle Ages, the history of the issue of gender in art actively developed the hatred of women, which was reflected even in literature, and in various types of art. By the twentieth century, feminism in the US and Great Britain already occupies a very strong position in the public consciousness, so the works of many writers are clearly studied from the point of view of their feminism simplicity. It should be noted that everything that is written with a woman's hand does not automatically fall into the definition of “women's literature”. A number of critics point out this kind of female prose, which includes features outside the gender literature. Gender-free literature is considered to be written with a female hand, but does not place itself as a “female”, that is, a “male speech” appears in it.</p> N. Parmonova Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 72 74 The Notion of Word and Word Studies in Lexicology <p>This article describes the lexical aspect of the translation of the pair and repetitive words that existing in our explanatory dictionary, and besides to be known with their given meaning’s commentaries and definitions and also to give own ideas about them, and then to collect all the pair words out of the explanatory dictionary of the English language, newspapers, journals, scientific-public and literary books. In our work we also aimed at defining the particular features of pair and repetitive words semantically, phonetically, morphologically, ethologically.</p> Badalova Muazzam Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 75 79 Pedagogical System of Pre-Conscription Youth Training for Military Service <p>The most important condition for the construction of modern Armed Forces and their combat readiness is the effective and highquality preparation of pre-conscription youth for military service. The problem of training conscripts, fulfilling the personnel order of the Armed Forces, has always been in the focus of attention of researchers, but it was not a priority. Its severity was removed by the volume of the conscription contingent, which allowed for a thorough selection of candidates for military accounting specialties requiring preliminary professional training, as well as a service life sufficient for the training and upbringing of a serviceman actually «from zero».</p> Tarakhanov Akrom Abdullakhakimovich Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-21 2022-05-21 6 80 83 The ways to attract foreign direct investment in the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan <p>The article discusses the features of the development of direct foreign investment, direct controls, and direct influence of foreign direct investment. The degree of positive and negative effect of the influence of attracting foreign direct investment. Analyzed the current state of attraction foreign direct investment in the Republic of Uzbekistan.</p> Sidikova Sitora G.Ubaydullaeva Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 6 84 89 Метод Отбора Перспективных Спортсменов На Основе Модельных Морфофункциональных Характеристик В Национальном Виде Спорта-Кураш <p>В связи с ростом численности детей и подростков, занимающихся спортом в стране, остаются особо актуальными становятся вопросы профессионального спортивного отбора, состояние и прогнозирование здоровья данного контингента лиц, разработка специальных профилактических и реабилитационных мероприятий для сохранения здоровья будущего поколения. В методической рекомендации описаны методы оценки и модельные характеристики морфофункциональных показателей спортсменов-курашистов, их мониторинг с определением значимости каждого параметра, на основе которых разработан алгоритм отбора перспективных спортсменов в национальном виде борьбы – кураш.</p> Тохтиев Джахонгирбек Бахтиёрович Copyright (c) 2022 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 6 90 95