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The article is innovative and devoted to theoretical analysis of understanding scientific approaches to the study of the family in transitive Russian society development, inconsistency of social change in the process of forming a new gender order and transition of the global economy towards an inclusive development model. The transition to it has accelerated the factor of extreme development of the world community in the situation of the global viral pandemic. The author considers new approaches to the study of the family in the context of the new gender order formation, based on the change of the social functions dualism of the family, strengthening its subjectivity, introducing new theoretical approaches to the fami ly study from the positions of gender economics, transactional approach, inclusive paradigm and theories of gender equality, their place in the new gender order and inclusive economy.


inclusive economy pandemic crisis trinity of family functions

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Umarova Yulduz Baxtiyorovna. (2024). Transitivity Of The Family And Its Subjectivity In The Process Of Forming A Gender Order. Periodica Journal of Modern Philosophy, Social Sciences and Humanities, 27, 4–9. Retrieved from