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This research tries to highlight some of the intellectual aspects of the concept of rationality in modern Western political thought, and because it is difficult to surround all the ideas presented by Western thinkers, especially in the modern era, we focused on the concept of rationality and was distinguished from the rest of the concepts that are close to it, after that This concept was dealt with in the thought of the European Enlightenment, two typical intellectuals of rationality, "Alemil Kant and Descartes". In light of this, the research was divided into two main topics. In the first topic, the concept of rationality was exposed as a first requirement and to distinguish it from the rest of the concepts that approach them as a second requirement. While the second topic dealt with "rationality in modern Western political thought (the era of enlightenment) in two requirements: the first dealt with rationality in the thought of the Enlightenment, while the second was clearly clear when samples of rational thinkers such The most important conclusions and then the list of sources.


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